Implementation of Biling Charge in SAP IS-U

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Client Overview:

The client in a leading electricity company that generates, transmits and distributes electricity in east Malaysia for the customer base of close  to 500,000. The client has SAP IS-U is implemented in early 2000. The geography doesn't have open-access. It is regulated by Suruhanjaya Tenga (ST), the energy commission.

ST ruled out a particular billing charge called ICPT (Imbalance Cost Pass-Through) and asked to make it technical live. The client had engabed a MNC IT giant to make this happen. The charge was in effect for more than 6 months after technical-live.

ST set a date to get  the ICPT in effect. Its hardly 4 weeks before going-live, that the client identified a several issues in the implementation.



  • Strategic Planning: We began by thoroughly understanding the client's requirement of Utilities billing charges vis-a-vis requirements stated from the regulatory body.
  • Solution Design: Based on the half-cooked solution implemented by earlier vendor, we devised a solution to keep the existing design to the maximum extent and yet meet the requirement of the client.
  • Functional and Technical implementation: Based on the solid solution design, our consultants quickly came-up with functional and technical implementation.
  • UAT: Barring minor defects, the solution implementation was almost first-time-right. The new billing charges and subsidies worked as per client's expectations.


In mere 17 days, without a formal hand-over and documentation, Bereej Tech did a herculean job of going live with billing charges and subsidies in time. The solution implemented was robust yet flexible and compartmentalised  i.e. changes in one customer segment do not have any adverse impact on another customer segment. Customer was gone-live with the ICPT charges along with their subsidies in time and with absolutely zero production defects.

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